Who Are WE?

 Chief executive officer & Head of Marketing

(Comilla Branch, Bangladesh office)

Md. Gulam Destegir Mahfuz


Fujishokai Japanese Language center

Fujishokai is named on the basis of the combination of two words, Fuji stands for the highest mountain in Japan and shokai means introducing. Actually, our intention is to introduce our next generation students to Japanese norms, customs, and culture for developing their inside and grab the opportunity of financial freedom. Experienced and Trained professionals are the strength of our company and serving Bangladeshi students willing to study, Work and settle in JAPAN.  

Differences from others


 1. We are the first institute offering basic Japanese conversation courses taught by professional teachers simultaneously both online and offline.

2. We have developed a completely online system to teach and examine our students for preparing JLPT/NAT Exams and interviews.

3. Our online resources are available for our students for their practices. 

4. We also provide some important facilities for students like Visa Processing, Part-time Jobs in JAPAN, Daily life support consult in Japan, Introducing ranked educational institutions in Japan.

5. Direct visa processing from Bangladesh for technical background students/Employees….and more.

6. A huge number of renowned universities (for Honors, Masters and Ph.D. course), Japanese Language Schools, Japanese companies have connected with us.

We are Affiliated with Renowned Language Institutes in Japan

OJI Language School, Tokyo

Umikaze Academy of Japanese Language, Osaka

OJI Language School, Saitama

Kasuga Japanese Language Academy, Kobe

Nagoya Advance Academy, Nagoya

Advance Academy of Japanese Language Nagoya

Human Academy Japanese Language School Tokyo, Osaka, Saga

Japan Institute of Culture & Economics Nishi Naha-City, Okinawa

Osaka Japanese Language Academy, Osaka

Kokusho Japanese Language School, Tokyo

Tokyo International Japanese School, Tokyo

Fuji Japanese Language School, Tokyo

JOTO Japanese School, Nishikameari, Tokyo

Kinoshita Campus Japanese Language School, Tokyo

Three H Japanese Language School, Chiba, Tokyo

An Language School, Tokyo

World Renowned Universities after completion Language Course in Japan / for Master or PhD course

Kagawa university 

Teikyo University

Niigata University of Health and Welfare

Graduate Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies

Human International University Japan

Teikyo Heisei University

Teikyo University of Science

Teikyo Yamanashi School of Nursing

New World Institute of Total Fashion

Niigata Computer Collage

Niigata Business College

Niigata Accounting & Business Intl. Collage

Nagaoka Health Care & Medical Training College

Niigata College of Official & Law

International College of Medical Technology

Niigata Agriculture & Biotechnology College

Niigata Institute of Technology

Kyoto Computer Gakuin Automobile School

Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics

The University of Tokyo

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Osaka University

Doshisha University

Waseda University

Yokohama National University

Kokusho Japanese Language School, Tokyo

Kasuga Japanese Language Academy, Kobe

Sophia University

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)

Kyoto University